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ECSA Board Members

Frank Pichinini
League Commissioner

Asst. Commissioner (A/B Div)

Bill Justyk
Asst. Commissioner (C Div)

Joan Holzman
Asst. Commissioner (D Div)

James Neely
Membership Director

Jon Ericson

Denny Krantz
Director of Competition

Brian Slegel
Asst Director of Competition C

Ryan De La Rosa
Asst Director of Competition D

Eric Goemer
Tournament Director

Mike Marble

Clarence Chiu

Stacy Maddux

Dug Wehage
Hall of Fame Director

Brandon Chun
Fall Ball Director

Tony Stasiek
Marketing / Communication Director

Brandon Chun
Business Development Director


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Our National organization

Gay Softball World Series:
Hosted by N.A.G.A.A.A.

Amateur Softball Association:
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Bats Bats Bats:
Softball shopping

King County Parks:
Info on all the Seattle area parks and fields

Seattle Parks & Recreation:
Info on all the Seattle area parks and fields

Decatur Sports Softball Drills:
Spice up your practices

League History

In 1980 a group of gay guys in Seattle got together each week to play softball in the University District of Seattle. It started just as some pick up players and fun. It wasn’t long before they realized that they were a pretty good team. Since they didn’t have a lot of other ‘gay’ teams in Seattle to play against, they started playing ‘scrimmage’ games against a team in Vancouver, B.C. They would take turns hosting one another at their homes for these ‘scrimmage weekends’. They also started playing in the Seattle Metro Leagues. They called their group the ‘Seattle Gay Softball League’.

Within two years, the league was at 4 teams and had joined NAGAAA. In 1983 Seattle sent a team to the Gay Softball World Series and started competing against other league teams across North America at the national level. The league eventually changed its official moniker from the Seattle Gay Softball League to the ‘Emerald City Softball Association’. (ECSA)

Since those meager beginnings on a playfield in the University District, the league has grown to more that 50 teams (Open and Women’s Division’s), won a multitude of various tournaments, (including Seattle Metro Titles, Gay Softball World Series Championships) partnered with several non-profits along the way and created a community where ALL people are welcome in the spirit of softball and friendship.

Our history is rich and diverse. It includes a wealth of phenomenal athletes, not-so-good athletes, quirky characters, amazing leaders, a wide variety of ethnicities, genders, religions and orientations. All of them woven together to create a tapestry that every member of this organization can be proud of.

The ECSA "Open League" is open to both gay and non-gay individuals. Playing levels range from advanced to beginner and cover four divisions (A, B, C & D). Division placement depends primarily on player ability and overall team ability.

The ECSA "Women's League" is open to women only and is also comprised of four divisions (A, B, C & D).

Every year the top teams in all divisions of both leagues win entry to the NAGAAA Gay Softball World Series.

We are proud to be hosting that national tournament (Northwest Quest) in Seattle in 2008.

For more information on our leagues history – we encourage you to read some of the amazing biographies of our ECSA Hall of Fame members.