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Hall of Fame Inductees


Dan Cross Joan Holzman


Mike Ridgeway Ron Fox
Stuart Feil


Delmis Perez R-Place


Donnie Moritz Gary 'Meatball' Gilman
Thomas Walker


Fred Parham Gerry Barton


Greg Bannish Mike ‘Milly’ Farris


Dug Wehage Gary ‘Dixie’ Carter


Frank Pichinini


Time Time


Bobby Wright


Al Castor Al Fernandez
Alex Veltri Bruce Caszatt
Jim ‘Mother’ May Joe Wolanski
Nick Bacetich Scott Rodriguez


Date: TBD
Location: TBD
Time: TBD
Emcee: TBD

2013 Hall of Fame Voting

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ECSA HOF Nominations & Voting

Hall of Fame Requirements

PDF Files

ECSA Hall of Fame Requirements Document
(PDF Format)

Updated May 4, 2012

Active Players

30+ Years

Bruce Caszatt

25-29 Years


20-24 Years

Gerry Barton
Peter Saipan
Frank Pichinini
Delmis Perez
Rick Cardona

15-19 Years

Dug Wehage
John Lyon
George Aoyama
Don Moritz
Mike Farris
John Voldal
Greg Bannish
Joan Holzman
Gary (Keo) Keopanya
JR Robles
Rich Anaya
Nick Bowen
Albert Garrett
Dan Haugen
Shannon Trumbull
Bridget Trumbull
Wil Wright
Chris Larson

ECSA Hall Of Fame

Welcome to the Emerald City Softball Association Hall of Fame

Voting Members

Voting members shall consist of the following:

  1. The living elected members of the Hall of Fame.
  2. Votes cast by current ECSA Hall of Fame members will be weighted more heavily. Each vote by a current ECSA Hall of Fame member will be counted 3 times. (I.E. each 'yes' vote from one of these individuals will count as 3 'yes' votes / each 'no' vote will count as 3 'no' votes.)
  3. The current ECSA Executive Officers.
  4. Any currently active members of the ECSA that have played, coached, managed and or sponsored within the ECSA for 8 or more years. (8 years includes the current year/season.) To be eligible to vote in 2013 you would have had to have started playing in the 2006 season or prior.)
  5. Fans/supporters are not eligible voters.

This year we will induct up to three nominees into the Hall of Fame. Please see the Hall of Fame Requirements document for more information on the induction process. If you are not an eligible voter, please take a minute to read the bios of these amazing nominees (and the bios of our Hall of Fame members) and find out more about our rich and diverse history.