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ECSA Board Members

Frank Pichinini
League Commissioner

Asst. Commissioner (A/B Div)

Bill Justyk
Asst. Commissioner (C Div)

Joan Holzman
Asst. Commissioner (D Div)

James Neely
Membership Director

Jon Ericson

Denny Krantz
Director of Competition

Brian Slegel
Asst Director of Competition C

Ryan De La Rosa
Asst Director of Competition D

Eric Goemer
Tournament Director

Mike Marble

Clarence Chiu

Stacy Maddux

Dug Wehage
Hall of Fame Director

Brandon Chun
Fall Ball Director

Tony Stasiek
Marketing / Communication Director

Brandon Chun
Business Development Director


Public ECSA Documents

Doc IconRating Change Voting Matrix

Doc IconByLaws

Doc IconAdministration Rules

Doc IconPlay Rules

Doc IconRatings Guidelines & Definitions

Doc IconAppeal & Protest Rules

Doc IconAppeal & Protest Form

Doc IconASA Approved Bat List

Doc IconASA Non-Approved Bat List

Doc IconRatings Definitions by Skill Category 7/28/2013

Web Links

Our National organization

Gay Softball World Series:
Hosted by N.A.G.A.A.A.

Amateur Softball Association:
A great softball reference

Other Resources

Google Maps:
Find your way

Bats Bats Bats:
Softball shopping

King County Parks:
Info on all the Seattle area parks and fields

Seattle Parks & Recreation:
Info on all the Seattle area parks and fields

Decatur Sports Softball Drills:
Spice up your practices

League Info

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you ask in person - have you checked the on line documents?

The Administration Rules Document includes almost everything you need to know about how the league works. (Deadlines, adding -deleting new players, standings, etc.)

The Play Rules Document (ECSA Open Division Play Rules) includes all the basic rules for game play on the field.

When do I ask? Who do I ask?

Elected officers are often inundated with questions and comments throughout the year about softball, fundraisers, tournaments, players, concessions, bathrooms, umpires and the list goes on and on. Those elected to represent you on the ECSA Board do a great job of answering questions as quickly as possible. However, please remember, they were not elected to be "on call' or "volunteer" their time 24/7.

When do I ask?

While questions and comments are always welcome we would like you to first "Ask Yourself" the following:

  1. 1. "Am I asking this question in an appropriate venue/time?"
    • a. Does the question need an immediate answer? (Does it include injury or has a game stopped waiting for this answer?)
    • b. Am I asking a question that is answered on the ECSA webpage, but I'm just too lazy to look it up myself?
    • c. Am I proposing change to the league that should really be presented in writing via email or formal letter?
    • d. Am I interrupting this person's personal time? (Is he/she out on the town enjoying his/her time with friends and family?)
  2. 2. "Is this a question that can be asked via email?"
    • a. Emailed questions not only provide you with documentation of the answer given, it also give the person you are asking time to give the most thorough and informed answer.
    • b. If your question is about a player on a specific team (with over 450 players on the fields this year) the chances of your executive officer remembering the exact name of a player and the team is much more difficult when done verbally, rather than in an email.


Who do I ask?

While at the fields you should be aware that everyone on your executive board also plays/coaches teams and is also there to enjoy their day at the fields. Be courteous and don't interrupt their game so you can ask a question that does not need an immediate answer.

For email or in-person general questions

Commissioner - General questions should really funnel UP to the commissioner from the Assistant Commissioner that runs your specific division. Communication with the commissioner should happen when you need clarification of information that you do not understand or feel there is an issue with your division's Assistant Commissioner.

A/B, C, and D Assistant Commissioners - Answer general questions about the league and questions specific to your division.

Membership Director - Answer questions about membership. (Assist individuals looking for teams to play on and helping teams find additional players.) Answer general questions about the league.

Secretary - General questions about the ECSA Webpage and where documents are located. Answer general questions about the league.

Director of Competition - Questions about ratings, scorekeeping and rating question interpretation. Answer general questions about the league.

How are the ECSA Open Division Executive Officers Chosen?

Board Positions are held for 2 year terms. When a board position becomes available - interested parties put their names up for nomination and a general election is held. Majority vote wins.

Executive Offices Include:

Board Elected Position:

Commissioner Appointed Positions:

Elections for the following positions are held in the odd years. (2011, 2013, 2015, etc)

Elections for the following positions are held in the even years. (2010, 2012, 2014, etc)

If I give my email to ECSA will they sell it?

No they do/will not. The ECSA sends out a weekly e-newsflash to update the league on softball and softball/league related issues.

How is the schedule done?

The final ECSA schedule is based on a number of criteria which include, but are not limited to:

The ideal answer to this question is:

In a year where we have an appropriate amount of teams and parity of skill in a given division a coded schedule (D1 vs. D2) is done by using both computerized software and editing by the Executive board. Once the schedule is complete - the team codes are replaced with individual team names (done by a blind draw). Editing of the schedule would be done only to accommodate bye-weeks, games scheduled at different fields that require longer travel time, and for those teams that have individuals coaching other teams. A schedule would never be changed simply to accommodate a competitive advantage.

However, for those divisions that have a wide difference in skill level, a more customized schedule will be put into place. It will not be a blind draw.

Rather, it will be a schedule that provides the following:

This process will be implemented to help facilitate a more fun and skill building environment for all teams involved.

Why do we have a tournament for the 2nd divisional berth for the GSWS?

There are several reasons for this - however, some of the more notable answers include: