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Have an article you would like to submit? Please email the Secretary, listed below.

ECSA Secretary



News Icon New ECSA website coming soon

Because of a change in our web provider, the Emerald City Softball Association will be migrating to a new website in the coming months. We’re working hard to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible.

In the meantime, we may be unable to update a few pages on the site – but quite a few more parts of this site are still running smoothly. This offseason, you can continue to visit this site for our:

Team Matchmaker: Find your team for 2015 and find players for your team. Email our membership director for more assistance.
Tournament Matchmaker: Latch onto a travelling team or find pickup players for your next tournament.
2014 team information: See what went down this past year and who played where.
News: Check out the latest updates on league happenings.

If you have a specific question, please contact the appropriate member of the 2015 ECSA executive board:

Commissioner: Frank Pichinini
Membership director: James Neely
Director of competition
: Bill Justyk
A/B Division assistant commissioner: John Voldal
C Division assistant commissioner: Michael Marble
C Division assistant director of competition: Dustin Walton
D Division assistant commissioner: Jon Ericson
D Division assistent director of competition: Ryan de la Rosa
Tournament director: 
Eric Goemer
Logistics director: Clarence Chiu
Bam Mendiola
Treasurer: Brian Slegel
Events coordinator: Stacy Maddux
Hall of Fame director: 
Dug Wehage
Marketing/communications director: 
Tony Stasiek
Fall Ball director: 
Business-development director: TBD

Forgot your login information or password for this site? Contact us for help.

News Icon Become an ECSA sponsor

Is your organization interested in supporting the Emerald City Softball Association or the Emerald City Classic, the West Coast's largest NAGAAA-softball tournament in 2014? Let's talk!

Click here to receive more information on how you can become more involved in the ECSA community.

Visit our sponsors page to see who has supported the ECSA and its teams.


News Icon 9 teams represent Seattle at World Series

The following nine teams represented the Emerald City Softball Association at the 2014 NAGAAA Softball World Series in late September in Dallas. Final placement in parentheses. Congratulations to all on a job well-done!

B DIVISION: Dirty Dawgs (17th place), Battalion (25th)
C DIVISION: Maulers (7th), Browns (17th), Knights (25th)
D DIVISION: Fat Cats (25th), Muffin Tops 1 (25th), Xtreme (49th)
MASTERS DIVISION: Rainiers (3rd)

Check out each team's game results and overall final standings here: mygsws.com

News Icon 2014 ECSA award-winners

The following players were recognized for their outstanding achievements in the 2014 ECSA season. Congratulations to all!

MVP: Gage Webster (Dirty Dawgs)
1st-Team All-Stars: Toby Jones (Seawolves), Caleb Kai (Battalion), Luke Preston (Vendetta), Gage Webster (Dirty Dawgs)
2nd-Team All-Stars: Michael Bates (Dirty Dawgs), Rob Ewanio (Dirty Dawgs), Jeremy Frank (Battalion), Jason Koger (Seawolves), Carlton Nelson (Dirty Dawgs), Joe Throndson (Battalion)
Commissioner's 'Move-up' Award: Dan Weaver (Seawolves)

MVP: Rick Dillon (Knights)
1st-Team All-Stars: Keith Apperson (Score), Rick Dillon (Knights), Eric Ecker (Thunder), Zach Elmore (Squadron), Stephen Evans (Maulers), Sam Holman (Smack), Dana Jergens (Warhawks), Dan Kassa (Squirrels), Rusty Martin (Badgers), Rich Matheson (Browns), Drew Piston (Woodpeckers), Brian Renney (Inferno), Tony Scaia (Otterman Empire), Matt Tremonte (Hammer), Dug Wehage (SIN)
2nd-Team All-Stars:
Russell Anderson (Thunder), Joshua Cannon (Inferno), Derek Coates (Warhawks), Sara Fetters (SIN), Josh Gelb (Score), Jim Hay (Woodpeckers), Gary Keopanya (Knights), Barett McGavock (Hammer), Nathaniel Meskel (Smack), Ryan Mitchell (Badgers), Ipo Nelson (Browns), Adam Pingel (Knights), Jed Saturnino (Knights), Brian Slegel (Squadron), John Vellozzi (SIN), Jake Wagner (Squadron), Gavin Walker (Maulers), Greg Whitehead (Squirrels), Joe Wolfer (Otterman Empire) 
ECSA Award: Adrian Sinkey (Woodpeckers)
Commissioner's 'Move-up' Awards:
Gough Chan (Hammer), Randy Hodge (Warhawks), Mark Wilgus (Hammer)
Commissioner's Coach Award: Tony Stasiek (Hammer)

MVP: Jesse Tabisula (Plastix)
1st-Team All-Stars: Aaron Butcher (Muffin Tops 1), Mo Chau (Phoenix), Andrew Dawson (ICE), Bart Eddy (Atomic), Randy Guerra (Halo), Kevin Hampton (Fat Cats), Renee Jones (SNAP), Stacy Maddux (Misfits), Adrian Ng (Muffin Tops 2), Vince Nguyen (Monsters), Army Pangilinan (Xtreme), Tony Scartozzi (Spitz), Tom Schroeder (Rebels), Jesse Tabisula (Plastix), Stacy Weber (Rockets), Mark Zmuda (Justice League)
2nd-Team All-Stars:
John Ball (Atomic), Erica Bourget (Spitz), Shaun Boyle (Halo), Edgardo Cortez (Xtreme), Jon Ericson (Rockets), Mike Farris (Muffin Tops 2), Ian Grant (ICE), Tom Jones (Monsters), Chad Keith (Muffin Tops 1), Anthony Lopez (Xtreme), Jeff Lunde (Xtreme), David Memmler (Fat Cats), Chris Perkins (Rebels), Rodney Shanks (Rebels), Jimmy Taylor (Phoenix), Brian Vogt (Atomic), Cody West (SNAP), Jason Wilcox (Plastix), Mark Ziegler (Justice League)